Steps In PCB Fabrication

A PCB or printed circuit board is the foundation that we use in designing electronic devices. As a PCB manufacturing company, we understand that PCB fabrication has two important roles, which are:

1. Granting mechanical support to the components in the electrical design

2. Connecting the component parts electrically by means of conductive pathways

In today’s world of electronics, the leveraging of a printed circuit board can lead to a simple, but compact electronic device design or the fabrication of high-scale integration designs that are essential in the construction of processing units and microcontrollers.

Manufacturing a PCB involves a series of complicated steps that we entirely follow so that the product can be used harmoniously in the design and creation of electronic devices.

Preparing the Board that will be the PCB

The kind of materials that we will use and the preparation of the board will depend on the quality of the product that you want to achieve as a designer and distributor of the electronic device. The first step in PCB fabrication is the creation of the laminate. We accomplish this by applying pressure on curing layers of paper or cloth with thermoset resin to build a final evenly thick panel.

Pcb Assembly

The kind of material we use in the curing process will determine the classification of the laminate and the function it can do. The qualities considered in the classification include dielectric constant, tensile strength, shear strength, fire resistance, and loss factor.


This is an important step whose method varies according to the final product that you want. However, most of the procedures that we use in PCB assembly conceal the laminate using coppers on both sides of the board, and then continue to removing the copper from unnecessary places, which lead to the required fine copper traces. This is called the subtractive method, which is quite inexpensive to use but more harmful to the environment compared to the more complex additive method.

The additive method in PCB fabrication uses an electroplating procedure so that the copper traces in the laminate will form the necessary circuitry. It creates fewer residues and uses less copper, but it involves some more steps, which makes it a more complex method compared to the subtractive method.

Individual Technique in the Etching Process

In any etching process that we use, there are also other options when it comes to application method and some of the major ones are:

1. Small volume method

This technique involves using a photo mask and printing into a see-through film together with photosensitized boards. We etch using tiny end mill or CNC mill that has a spade shaped cutter or using laser resist ablation to remove the unnecessary copper traces from the laminate.

2. Large volume method

This etching procedure used in PCB fabrication involves the silkscreen printing method, which is the primary commercial method and the photographic alternative used when you need fine line widths.

3. Hobbyist method

In this method, we use laser print resistance technology to print to a transparent layer using a laser before we heat transfer it using bespoke laminator or iron to an exposed laminate, and then touch it up using a marker before we etch it. In this category, other methods are difficult to accomplish in mass productions.

Drilling Holes into the Board

The next step is to drill holes where the components need to go. This is done by using small diameter drill bits made from coated tungsten carbide. We use high-speed automatic drills in order to avoid tearing up and damaging the copper tracks.

The Best Approach

PCB fabrication needs a huge investment when it comes to knowledge and infrastructure. As such, you can consider outsourcing to us to avoid wasting your money in creating a system that may not be as productive as you would want it to be. Outsourcing your PCB services to a dependable company is the most economical approach for your business.

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Why Work with a Professional SEO Consulting Company

The benefits of working with a retainer-style SEO consulting company are endless. If you can find an excellent partner that provides realistic online marketing goals, then keep the service. Today, businesses need more innovative marketing strategies to succeed and SEO is one of them.

With cost efficient search engine optimization solution, your site can be optimized to match your exact needs. This is a great way to make sure that your target audience reaches you online. However, you need to consider practicing only the ethical methods so you stay safe from Google suspensions.

Reaching Maximum Profitability

To be able to guarantee that your team reaches maximum productivity and marketability, SEO strategies will provide higher visibility and customer awareness. And if you are looking for an SEO consulting company that can offer timely service, be meticulous in choosing. A reputable SEO strategist will give you ultimate guidance to marketing success!

SEOIf you’re interested to work with a trusted partner, you can conduct some research on the internet to find the best one. You can ask some important questions or raise other related concerns to customer service hotlines to properly address your needs. By perfectly understanding your business requirements which are actually unique, tailored consulting services will match what you exactly need.

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What Startups and Small Businesses Need To Know

Most startups and small businesses are not completely aware of the ins and outs of the market. So, we are here to show you where and how to start your business in a way that you will learn quickly. With an external expertise, you are guaranteed to receive comprehensive guidance to grow your brand in no time.

It is a privilege to have worked with various businesses in a cooperative and timely fashion. It’s always important to manage your SEO needs and optimize your site for ranking and visibility. In fact, you will need to build and maintain a website that is recognized by major search engines around the world.

With an SEO consulting company, you will be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to achieve success even in global marketing. However, these consulting services may differ depending on your specific requirements. You will be charged per hour so make sure that you will specify everything that you want to know and needed to have.

Choosing the Best among the Options

Once you opt for an excellent service, you will have full access to highly experienced SEO consultants who are experts in any search engine optimization areas. All you have to do is ask questions and you will be provided with clear and understandable solutions. Specify everything to guarantee that your SEO needs are met in an efficient approach.

Search Engine OptimizationBefore you work with an SEO consultant, have them review your website to spot on potential problems and get expert recommendations to make specific improvements. Consultants are trained to assist every client in making their website more functional and responsive to searches. A typical SEO consulting company services include :

1. Analysis of competitive keywords
2. HTML attributes and tags review
3. Page construction
4. Restructuring of site theme
5. Content copywriting
6. Competitor identification
7. Campaigns for link acquisition
8. Directory and search engine submission

But those are only some of our services offered by most companies. There are other solutions available to provide customized solutions that your business exactly need. Search online and get better options to make an informed decision in finding the right SEO partner.

Characteristics of Good Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers are an integral part of any gathering. A good keynote address must inspire and unite the audience towards a common goal. The speaker must clearly define the event’s direction. This will set the tone for the occasion, which could open the program with clarity.

Here are the characteristics of a good keynote speaker:
1.Understands the Overall Objective of the Event

A lot of keynote speeches simply promote the speakers instead of the event itself. The mere fact that the speaker has been chosen to deliver the keynote address means the organizers believe in him. The keynote address must be memorable, inspiring, and realistic.

2.Remarkable Focus On the Target Audience

MotivationAn effective speaker knows at which point to make contact with the audience. By assessing the audience properly, he can establish credibility, connection, and attract attention. Underestimating the audience might cause boredom, and overestimating them might result in confusion. Good keynote speakers would firmly work with the event organizer, so they would know everything about those they will be talking to.

3.Understands the Importance of Entertainment

Humor can make a speech better, but inappropriate humor can be uninteresting and even offensive. When humor and stories are properly presented, the message could be widely accepted.

4.Does Not Overuse Visuals

A lot of speakers share information excessively. A keynote speech must have accurate information and images could help emphasize an idea, but complicated tables and figures can make the message boring. The best keynote speakers use only a few visuals and allow their words carry the most meaning.

5.Knows the Importance of Pacing in a Speech

Most keynote addresses are between 20 to 45 minutes. Pacing in delivering the speech is actually more important length. A frantic speed will tire out the audience and a sluggish, painstaking speed will make them sleepy. Variety can liven up the atmosphere and in terms of delivering a keynote address, variety of pacing is crucial.

A good speaker knows when to intensify the talk and when to relax a little to keep the audience interested. Also, the keynote speaker must have a conclusion and inspire the audience with final words.

6.Personalizes the Topic of the Occasion With Actual Stories

During the keynote speech, the speaker must build a connection with the audience. Trust must be established and the best way to do it is to share personal thoughts. This way, the audience will see that the speaker is a real person with emotions, lessons learned, and life experiences. When the speaker personalizes the segments of his keynote speech and is passionate about the theme, he’ll have a better chance of getting the message across.

Most keynote speakers would honestly admit that they do not know everything, but they can offer valuable information.

7.Simplifies the Message Into a Call-To-Action

A successful keynote speech means the audience has at least one take-away from the speaker. The speaker must establish some ideas at the onset and elaborate them throughout the speech with opinions, personal stories, and facts.

Effective keynote speakers normally leave their audience with techniques wherein they can fit the messages into their business or personal lives. The messages often have a personal when the keynote speaker leaves the audience with a few questions, which they have to answer on their own. This way, every individual could use a personal approach in finding answers.

Whether you’re aiming to deliver a keynote or you’re looking for someone capable of accomplishing such a feat, you need to keep these characteristics in mind. Simply put, you’ll have to use them as your guide.

Homes for Sale in Long Island, NY and Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

One of the key steps in acquiring your dream house in Long Island, New York is finding a good real estate agent. Transactions involving real estate encompass substantial amounts of asset values. Hence, it is highly important to find a worthy person who acts as an intermediary between the buyer and a seller.

Here are some tips in li-realestatefinder dealing with homes for sale in Long Island, NY and finding a good real estate agent to help you whether you are buying or selling.

1.  One of the easiest ways to ensure that you choose a good agent is by asking for advice from past clients. You can ask for recommendations from friends and relatives or from other people residing in Long Island.

2.  An important deciding factor is a real estate broker’s experience. It is vital to know whether the broker has closed properties and has been working in the industry for a long established time already. In line with that, he or she should specialize in the field through proper credentials. Look for an agent who is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist or an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. These titles indicate that they have completed specific trainings dealing with real estate transactions. You can also ensure that they are adhering to a code of ethics through pledges they made in attaining the credentials. You can also check with New York’s regulatory commission to see if your agent is licensed and is practicing with a good record.

Real Estates3.  The Multiple Listing Service can be another way to choose the right real estate agent. You can easily find homes for sale in Long Island, NY just by checking out a broker’s online listings. A good agent should have a well-organized presentation of properties online.

4.  Your real estate broker should be familiar with the local market. This means that he or she should be well-acquainted with the neighborhood, the establishments, and the conditions within your specified area. If you are looking for homes for sale in Long Island, NY, your real estate broker should have apt home recommendations whether you want a place in the suburbs or boroughs of Long Island.

5.  Whether you’re buying or selling, your real estate broker should be truthful to you as his or her client. You wouldn’t want to be working with someone who is passive and who just compliments everything that favors him. It’s better to hear honest and frank opinions than fabricated statements just for the sake of billing away.

6.  The agent should be working full-time. To be able to establish a partnership, you need to ensure that your broker gives his full attention to cater to your needs. He or she should be readily on the go whenever your potential buyer or seller is available for negotiation.

7.  Good communication between the broker and the client is an important factor. A good agent knows how to listen to his or her client’s demands. Your agent should always reach out to you and communicate the developments on your deal.

8.  In line with good communication, before you sign your contract, your real estate agent should be able to explain every detail to you. As his or her client, you have the right to ask about the percent commission as well as the other terms and conditions affixed in the contract.

Other Ways to Use Lanyards Around the House

Lanyards are normally associated with the office or school. They come in all forms and sizes and can even be customized to include the company name and logo. Lanyards hold the IDs of employees or students that contain important information and access to the facilities that are off limits to outsiders. However, there are other places where you can use a lanyard. Your house is one of them.

Here are some ways to use a lanyard around the house :


To make a keychain out of a lanyard, request from the seller a lanyard with a shorter length, around 5 inches long. Personalize it by adding your name and number so that in case you lose it, the person who found it would know who to call. Use a key ring at the end of the lanyard and put in all your keys. You can also make the lanyard longer so you can wear them around your neck like an ID. That way, you do not fumble for your keys in your pocket or purse.

Compact Camera Holder

LanyardsWhen you are out on a vacation and want your hands to be free to hold other things, but you want to keep your camera within easy reach, a lanyard can do the job for you. Use a lanyard that has thicker size, try 1 inch or more, and a secure carabinger hook at the end to hold your camera. It will free your hands to do anything while keeping your camera close to you for a quick snap. Do not use a lanyard for heavier DSLR cameras. These cameras have specialized camera straps that are more appropriate for your DSLRs.

Cellphone Holder

This normally works for phones without casings. If you are one of those people who prefer to put their phones inside pouch-like containers instead of casings, lanyards can help you bring your phone with you without it bulking up your pockets. Hang it over your neck using a lanyard that has your personal detail so that it can be returned to you in case it gets lost. Match the color of the lanyard to the color of the phone pouch or use a contrasting color to make it more unique.

Hair Barrette and Clip Organizer

If you have a small room and have very little storage, a lanyard can help you keep your barrettes and clips organized. Hang it near your mirror or vanity so that it is clearly visible when you need a quick clip. Get it in cute colors like pink or yellow for your little kids. Cute designs and even cartoon characters can even be printed on the lanyard. Use it to hold hairpins. Bring the whole lanyard along when your child has an event that requires lots of hairpins. You can sling it around your neck as you arrange your child’s hair.

Display Children’s Art

Get colorful lanyards with a bulldog clip at the end and hang children’s art over a hook. This is an economical pay to display children’s art rather than buying expensive frames. Change the artwork weekly, even daily because it is so easy to use.

Door Sign

Another creative way to use lanyards is to make a door sign out of it. Use vertical or horizontal badge holders and slip in any message you want to write. Get creative and slip in “keep out” or “do not disturb signs” on your door. If vertical or horizontal badge holders are too small to write on, hang a lightweight white board at the end of the lanyard and write longer messages or drawings. You can also use the door sign as decoration in a dorm.

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How to Choose the Right Golf Accessories?

To play golf, you will need different equipment, clothing, and accessories. These things may cost you a lot of money so it is important to know how to choose the right golf accessories. By doing this, you will be able to (1) make use of the accessories efficiently, (2) play really well on the golf course, (3) make a good investment, and (4) become ready for all circumstances.

Golf Ball Markers

Markers are used when golfers have to lift their balls off the green. They mark the green where the ball had rested to know where to put it back. Any person authorized by the golfer can mark the position of the ball.

Ball markers come in different styles. Some sports teams customize their ball markers with their logos. Ball markers may also come with clips so that golfers can attach them on the brim of their cap or on their belt buckle.

These are the procedures in getting the right golf ball marker:

1.Determine your budget

If you are under a certain budget, you can purchase ready-made ball markers. You can get a discount by buying a set which consists of twelve markers. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend quite a lot, you can order a customized ball marker; this can be a good investment.

2.Determine which style you prefer

Your choices are regular ball markers that you may put on your pockets, ball markers with clip attachments, and ball marker attached to a divot repair tool with a magnet.

3.Pick a design

There are ball markers with colorful and intricate designs. There are also markers with funny quotes and sayings. You can, of course, have your name or initials as the design for your personalized golf ball marker.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are among the essential golf accessories. They also vary in style and size. Gloves are meticulously designed by golf equipment manufacturers to ensure that they help golfers get a better grip and control of their clubs. Manufacturers also make sure that golf gloves provide optimum comfort and protection.

Golf GlovesYou might not reap the rewards of wearing gloves if you fail to choose the right pair. Here’s a quick guide on buying gloves:

1.Do you want a glove for one or both hands?

Most golfers use only one glove. If you’re among them, buy a glove for your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, wear a glove on your left hand. If you are left-handed, wear a glove on your right hand. Your non-dominant hand is the one prone to soreness whenever you play a round of golf.

2.Find it yourself.

Be there when you are purchasing a glove so that you may try it on. You should try on different sizes and styles to know which fit most comfortably. Be patient in finding the perfect fit for your hand. Don’t wait for your hands to get wounded before you finally decide to get the perfect gloves.

3.Which material do you want?

You can choose a leather glove or a knitted glove. You can consider ventilation in choosing the material. Buy a glove that allows air to pass.

4.Lastly, look onto the aesthetic of the glove.

Pick a glove that suits your style. You will have a variety of choices on this aspect.


Tees are golf accessories that hold the ball off the ground. They are spikes with cup or brush heads. If you’re going to buy some tees, don’t forget about the following:


The length of tees ranges from 1 ½ inch to 4 inches. Choose shorter tees when hitting your hybrid golf clubs. Use longer tees when using bigger drivers or when hitting drivers off your tee. Longer tees are difficult to stick deeper into the ground.


Plastic tees last longer than wooden tees. Wooden tees are less costly and are disposable.


You can try all these available styles of tees to know which works best for you. The first one is Brush Tee; this features flexible synthetic bristles which help reduce friction, allowing for longer and straighter drives. Brush tees are usually 3 1/8 inches in height.

Your next choice is Zero Friction Golf tee; this is made of plastic and is considered traditional. The top or head of this tee is specialized to help reduce friction while increasing accuracy and distance. You third choice are Traditional Wooden Tees. They are simple and perfect for beginners. They also come in different sizes.


Sunglasses are also important golf accessories as they help shield your eyes from sunlight and see where your golf ball is exactly positioned. There are different kinds of tinted lenses. There are golf sunglasses with two or more lens colors to enable the golfer to change lenses depending on the weather condition. Again, you should try this accessory so that you may see for yourself which one suits you.

The following are your options on sunglasses tints.

1.Copper and Brown

These are the colors mostly recommended for golfers because they are in contrast with the color of the grass and blue sky.


Red also heightens contrast but it distorts color. This tint is effective on the putting green.

3.Green and Gray

These lenses cut the sun’s rays and are just mildly in contrast with true colors. Dark gray lenses are best for sunny days, while medium gray ones are ideal for cloudy days.

Carry a Symbol of Identity with Military Coins

Some of the organizations can identify you. This is prevalent in government organizations, especially in the military. A sign or a symbol of unit identity in the military is a piece called challenging coin or also referred to as military coin. When you are awarded or has been given a military coin, it symbolizes identity that you belong and represent a group or an organization. The giving of a coin is traditionally practiced in US Armed Services that includes the Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force.

The Most Documented Story of Military Coins

Military CoinThe tradition of giving military coins started more than a hundred years ago, but they were more prevalent during the First and Second World Wars. There is one story about a military coin that is the most documented. An American fighter pilot was forced to land in one of the places in Germany during the World War I. He was captured and detained. Later on, the British Forces attacked Germany and won. And the American pilot was confronted by the French soldiers who detained him too. They thought that the American pilot was a German and wanted to kill him. The American pilot said that he was an ally and showed them a military coin that he had received before he was deployed. The coin is designed with the America’s Unit insignia and the French officer recognized the emblem of the coin. The American pilot was then released. The military coin has saved his life.

Challenge coins such as military coins can represent and identify you that you belong to a rank or a group. It is not only a mark of representation but can also be a symbol that you have done an excellent job. It is also given to people who are awarded for their outstanding service. Some organizations give the coins as a sign of respect and welcome to their honorary guests. For instance, United States presidents presented challenge coins to the diplomats who visited the country as special guests.

The coins have become a symbol of respect too. In honor of the soldiers who fell in the 2009 Ford Hood shooting, President BarackObama placed military coins in their memorials.

US Presidents who have Received Challenge Coins

Military CoinsThere are US Presidents who have received the challenge coins. President George Bush visited unexpectedly the soldiers in Ald-Asad Airborne in Anbar province, Iraq on September 3, 2007. The Marine Combat Patrol greatly appreciated his visit and gave him a challenge coin. President Bill Clinton also received several challenge coins. These challenge coins are displayed in the White House besides his portrait.

The Cost and Appearance of the Military Coins

The coins have many designs. This depends on how would you like it to be. It can be customized by the manufacturers. The sizes of a coin range from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter. The shape can also be customized into square or polygon shape.

The coins are also available in many finishes. You can choose from finishes such as gold, brass, and nickel, silver, bronze and copper. There are polished and antiqued variations too. It can also be hard or soft enamel. Another option is the printed inset with an epoxy coating.

The coins are not that costly. The coins that are manufactured using the zinc alloy castings are of low price rate. On the other hand, the coins that are manufactured using the die struck bronze are quite expensive. The coins of the coins may range from US $2.50 to US $12.75.

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ID Lanyards Are Perfect Items for Your Events

When planning to set up a sports tournament or any similar event, ID lanyards can be an essential item. In many instances, sports events would have a huge number of people who would all be unacquainted with one another and perhaps the place of the tournament. So it will be easier for the people who will be there and for the event to run more smoothly, the organizer can provide lanyards to them.

Bear in mind that lanyards are not expensive, and people can use them in numerous ways to help make any event happen more efficiently. Furthermore, this is not only from the standpoint of an organizer, but also from the perspective of a visitor.To get more details about ID Lanyards must visit site the-lanyard-factory.

Lanyards for Identification

Lanyards can accommodate any kind of identification that is needed for individuals to have at all times during the event. They can simply wear the lanyard and display their ID. Since it is worn around the neck, it would not cause any damage to the clothing of the person.

Color-coded Lanyards

ID LanyardOne of the best ways to use a lanyard is to have a color scheme for every group of people attending the event, so every team member, coaches, their staff, and supporters will have their individual color. Judges, event staff, volunteers, and other relevant personnel can also have different colors.

The unique colors of the ID lanyards would make it easy for everyone to distinguish which team they are associated with. If it is a big event, it will also be much easier for security personnel to determine who is who. Moreover, lanyards will make it easier for people to have access to secured areas that they have to go to. Ultimately, if the lanyards are color-coded, it will be less difficult for attendees to recognize organizers and staff if ever they need any kind of help.

Giving Out Lanyards

Perhaps the best time to hand out the lanyards is during the arrival of the teams. However, if possible, the lanyards can be shipped to the team members in advance.

When giving out the lanyards, consider other means that these items can be useful for the attendees to enjoy their stay. If the event is happening in a large venue and there are numerous matches occurring at the same time, consider putting a map of the grounds and other pertinent places. This is particularly helpful if the teams are not familiar with the location.

Likewise, their trip will become easier if the organizer will provide a list of nearby businesses such as hotels and restaurants. As a bonus, they can include relevant local places that a team might be interested in visiting if they have the time. These things can be attached to the ID lanyards that they will provide to their guests.


The schedule is something that the organizer should have to provide to everyone in the event. However, to make it more interesting, and if the organizing team has the means, they can mark the schedule of the event with the same colors they will use in the lanyards. Furthermore, they can create a color legend that indicates the assignment of lanyard colors. For instance, the organizers have to make sure that they include the details as to which color of lanyards the medical staff, event personnel, volunteers, and security will be wearing.

In summary, the organizers must fully take advantage of ID lanyards. They should not only make sure that every lanyard follows a color scheme for easy identification, but it should be useful as well. Lanyards are not limited as an ID holder, but it can also hold a packet of essential information.

Understanding the Article Writer

Do you dream of becoming a writer someday? What lead you to your decision that you want to be a writer? What kind or writer do you want to venture in? Is it for the print media or writing for the web? Before we start, we need first to understand what a writer is.

How can you differentiate the different kinds of writing in different media? According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a writer is someone who writes books, poems, stories, and many more. On the other hand, an article is a written composition usually in the form of fiction or non-fiction written for publications. Therefore, article writing is the process of writing articles in order to get published in any form of media.

However, whenever we hear the word article writers today we always associate it with content or web content writers.

What are the qualities of good article writers? Just like any kind of writing, there are some qualities they need to possess in order to be successful in their chosen field. Here are some of the qualities of a good writer.

Article WritingFirst, a good writer is patient. If a writer does not have these qualities they would easily give up especially if they were assigned to write long, tedious articles. Imagine how it is if you encounter the so-called writer’s block. There will be times when it seems there is nothing coming out of your mind and seems there is nothing you can write about. Second, a good writer always gives attention to details. This means when you are writing for someone you were able to answer the questions that comes to their mind.

Third, a good article writer is also a good listener. How can you write anything about something you have no knowledge about? Of course, you can always do some research. What if you can’t find any information about your topic? For example, your topic is about a certain place and you have no knowledge about the place or how to get there. By listening to people who have been there can help you.

Fourth, a good writer is also a wide reader. When you ask writers today they would tell you that before they became a writer they were an avid reader first. We were taught to read from the very first time we went to school. It is only a matter of how you develop your interest in books and other reading materials. And last, good writers have wide imaginations. This can be true especially for fiction writers. They cannot create a novel or story without using their imagination. What happens to the main characters? Why did they act that way?

Now that you know the qualities of a writer your next question probably will be, “how can one become an article writer?” When we say about article writers here we’re talking about the online article writer. So how can you become an article writer? First, you must have a sample of your writing skills. Anything that you have written before. It can be a school paper, a novel you’ve written or just anything. Second, you must have a prepared resume with you. However, many companies do not require this. But in case they asked for your resume, you have already prepared one.

Third, you must have a computer with internet access. This is very important because you can access the different websites wherein they hire writers and most of the time you will need an email address for that purpose. Fourth, you need a text editing software like MS Word wherein you will type all your articles. And lastly, a PayPal or any alternative. You will need these because this is where they will be sending the payment for your work.

So there you have it. These are some of things you need to know in order to become a good writer and how to venture in the field of writing. Before you really push through with your dream, ask yourself first if the job is really for you. Try to analyze if you have the qualities of a good writer and if you answered yes then you can now move on to the next step.

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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS): The Holy Grail of Bodybuilding

Not everyone has the vigor and the patience to start a routine. More importantly, how can people make time for the gym if they’re stuck in the office for most of the day? Supplements such as steroids may be one of your choices, but the best choice would be to buy SARMS.

What is SARMS?

SARMSA Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is what you think it is – an androgen receptor modulator. If you take steroids, it will bind to an androgen receptor to trigger the muscle-building functions of your body. In SARMS, it does the same.

Their difference lies in the after-effects of taking the supplement. For example, steroids can stimulate the occurrence of prostate cancer. Steroids can also cause balding or hair growth, depending on your body’s reaction to the hormone. Gynecomastia, or the growth of male breast, is also apparent in some cases. Inside your body, steroids harm the liver and the heart. With all these side-effects, most people would opt to buy SARMS instead.

What makes SARMS special? From the term “selective”, it only targets androgen receptors in specific muscle tissues. Therefore, it prevents majority of the side effects that a steroid brings.

Types of SARMS

Since SARMS is relatively new to the industry, a lot of types and forms of SARMS are being developed. There are two popular SARMS variants for bodybuilders: these are the Ostarine and Andarine.


OstarineOstarine, also known as MK-2866, is specifically developed to treat muscle deterioration and osteoporosis. Based on animal and human studies of this drug, it is known to exhibit anabolic effects in the body. By anabolic, it means that it increases the rate of which muscle is built in the body. Because of this property, Ostarine is meant for those who have high metabolism and naturally lean bodies. To produce the muscle building effects of this drug, you have to buy SARMS at a dosage of 10 to 40mg.


Andarine, or S-4, on the other hand, is made for benign prostatic hypertrophy. It effectively reduces the enlargement of prostate without affecting your muscle mass or producing unwanted side effects such as gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue in men). Similar to Ostarine, S-4 is also capable of building muscle mass and at the same time, it decreases the amount of fat in the body. Andarine is for people who wanted to cut their fat without losing the muscle. Recommended dosage is 30-100 mg to effectively create muscle.

How to Use SARMS Effectively

Since SARMS is capable of targeting specific muscle building blocks in the body, it is better that you learn the correct dosage for your body type. There are four types of uses of SARMS, namely bulking, cutting, strength, and recomp.


If you wanted to gain more muscle, better use Ostarine at doses of 25 mg for 4 to 8 weeks. This will produce about three kilograms of muscle in 8-weeks time.


If you wanted to cut body fat without shedding the muscle, a 50 mg dose of Andarine should be taken for 4-8 weeks. It will effectively show fat burning effects because Andarine has a greater binding to the receptor compared to Ostarine.

Strength. Body fat and muscle mass is not your issue, but instead you wanted to gain strength. Again, you should use Andarine at doses of 50 mg for 4 to 8 weeks.


For those who are just starting in bodybuilding, they want to gain muscle and lose fat. A combination of Ostarine and Andarine should be taken at doses of 12.5-25 mg for 4 to 8 weeks.

With these advantages of SARMS, it is considered to be the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. Every man’s dream of a well-toned body will definitely come true if they buy SARMS.