How to Choose the Right Golf Accessories?

To play golf, you will need different equipment, clothing, and accessories. These things may cost you a lot of money so it is important to know how to choose the right golf accessories. By doing this, you will be able to (1) make use of the accessories efficiently, (2) play really well on the golf course, (3) make a good investment, and (4) become ready for all circumstances.

Golf Ball Markers

Markers are used when golfers have to lift their balls off the green. They mark the green where the ball had rested to know where to put it back. Any person authorized by the golfer can mark the position of the ball.

Ball markers come in different styles. Some sports teams customize their ball markers with their logos. Ball markers may also come with clips so that golfers can attach them on the brim of their cap or on their belt buckle.

These are the procedures in getting the right golf ball marker:

1.Determine your budget

If you are under a certain budget, you can purchase ready-made ball markers. You can get a discount by buying a set which consists of twelve markers. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend quite a lot, you can order a customized ball marker; this can be a good investment.

2.Determine which style you prefer

Your choices are regular ball markers that you may put on your pockets, ball markers with clip attachments, and ball marker attached to a divot repair tool with a magnet.

3.Pick a design

There are ball markers with colorful and intricate designs. There are also markers with funny quotes and sayings. You can, of course, have your name or initials as the design for your personalized golf ball marker.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are among the essential golf accessories. They also vary in style and size. Gloves are meticulously designed by golf equipment manufacturers to ensure that they help golfers get a better grip and control of their clubs. Manufacturers also make sure that golf gloves provide optimum comfort and protection.

Golf GlovesYou might not reap the rewards of wearing gloves if you fail to choose the right pair. Here’s a quick guide on buying gloves:

1.Do you want a glove for one or both hands?

Most golfers use only one glove. If you’re among them, buy a glove for your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, wear a glove on your left hand. If you are left-handed, wear a glove on your right hand. Your non-dominant hand is the one prone to soreness whenever you play a round of golf.

2.Find it yourself.

Be there when you are purchasing a glove so that you may try it on. You should try on different sizes and styles to know which fit most comfortably. Be patient in finding the perfect fit for your hand. Don’t wait for your hands to get wounded before you finally decide to get the perfect gloves.

3.Which material do you want?

You can choose a leather glove or a knitted glove. You can consider ventilation in choosing the material. Buy a glove that allows air to pass.

4.Lastly, look onto the aesthetic of the glove.

Pick a glove that suits your style. You will have a variety of choices on this aspect.


Tees are golf accessories that hold the ball off the ground. They are spikes with cup or brush heads. If you’re going to buy some tees, don’t forget about the following:


The length of tees ranges from 1 ½ inch to 4 inches. Choose shorter tees when hitting your hybrid golf clubs. Use longer tees when using bigger drivers or when hitting drivers off your tee. Longer tees are difficult to stick deeper into the ground.


Plastic tees last longer than wooden tees. Wooden tees are less costly and are disposable.


You can try all these available styles of tees to know which works best for you. The first one is Brush Tee; this features flexible synthetic bristles which help reduce friction, allowing for longer and straighter drives. Brush tees are usually 3 1/8 inches in height.

Your next choice is Zero Friction Golf tee; this is made of plastic and is considered traditional. The top or head of this tee is specialized to help reduce friction while increasing accuracy and distance. You third choice are Traditional Wooden Tees. They are simple and perfect for beginners. They also come in different sizes.


Sunglasses are also important golf accessories as they help shield your eyes from sunlight and see where your golf ball is exactly positioned. There are different kinds of tinted lenses. There are golf sunglasses with two or more lens colors to enable the golfer to change lenses depending on the weather condition. Again, you should try this accessory so that you may see for yourself which one suits you.

The following are your options on sunglasses tints.

1.Copper and Brown

These are the colors mostly recommended for golfers because they are in contrast with the color of the grass and blue sky.


Red also heightens contrast but it distorts color. This tint is effective on the putting green.

3.Green and Gray

These lenses cut the sun’s rays and are just mildly in contrast with true colors. Dark gray lenses are best for sunny days, while medium gray ones are ideal for cloudy days.