Understanding the Article Writer

Do you dream of becoming a writer someday? What lead you to your decision that you want to be a writer? What kind or writer do you want to venture in? Is it for the print media or writing for the web? Before we start, we need first to understand what a writer is.

How can you differentiate the different kinds of writing in different media? According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a writer is someone who writes books, poems, stories, and many more. On the other hand, an article is a written composition usually in the form of fiction or non-fiction written for publications. Therefore, article writing is the process of writing articles in order to get published in any form of media.

However, whenever we hear the word article writers today we always associate it with content or web content writers.

What are the qualities of good article writers? Just like any kind of writing, there are some qualities they need to possess in order to be successful in their chosen field. Here are some of the qualities of a good writer.

Article WritingFirst, a good writer is patient. If a writer does not have these qualities they would easily give up especially if they were assigned to write long, tedious articles. Imagine how it is if you encounter the so-called writer’s block. There will be times when it seems there is nothing coming out of your mind and seems there is nothing you can write about. Second, a good writer always gives attention to details. This means when you are writing for someone you were able to answer the questions that comes to their mind.

Third, a good article writer is also a good listener. How can you write anything about something you have no knowledge about? Of course, you can always do some research. What if you can’t find any information about your topic? For example, your topic is about a certain place and you have no knowledge about the place or how to get there. By listening to people who have been there can help you.

Fourth, a good writer is also a wide reader. When you ask writers today they would tell you that before they became a writer they were an avid reader first. We were taught to read from the very first time we went to school. It is only a matter of how you develop your interest in books and other reading materials. And last, good writers have wide imaginations. This can be true especially for fiction writers. They cannot create a novel or story without using their imagination. What happens to the main characters? Why did they act that way?

Now that you know the qualities of a writer your next question probably will be, “how can one become an article writer?” When we say about article writers here we’re talking about the online article writer. So how can you become an article writer? First, you must have a sample of your writing skills. Anything that you have written before. It can be a school paper, a novel you’ve written or just anything. Second, you must have a prepared resume with you. However, many companies do not require this. But in case they asked for your resume, you have already prepared one.

Third, you must have a computer with internet access. This is very important because you can access the different websites wherein they hire writers and most of the time you will need an email address for that purpose. Fourth, you need a text editing software like MS Word wherein you will type all your articles. And lastly, a PayPal or any alternative. You will need these because this is where they will be sending the payment for your work.

So there you have it. These are some of things you need to know in order to become a good writer and how to venture in the field of writing. Before you really push through with your dream, ask yourself first if the job is really for you. Try to analyze if you have the qualities of a good writer and if you answered yes then you can now move on to the next step.

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