Carry a Symbol of Identity with Military Coins

Some of the organizations can identify you. This is prevalent in government organizations, especially in the military. A sign or a symbol of unit identity in the military is a piece called challenging coin or also referred to as military coin. When you are awarded or has been given a military coin, it symbolizes identity that you belong and represent a group or an organization. The giving of a coin is traditionally practiced in US Armed Services that includes the Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force.

The Most Documented Story of Military Coins

Military CoinThe tradition of giving military coins started more than a hundred years ago, but they were more prevalent during the First and Second World Wars. There is one story about a military coin that is the most documented. An American fighter pilot was forced to land in one of the places in Germany during the World War I. He was captured and detained. Later on, the British Forces attacked Germany and won. And the American pilot was confronted by the French soldiers who detained him too. They thought that the American pilot was a German and wanted to kill him. The American pilot said that he was an ally and showed them a military coin that he had received before he was deployed. The coin is designed with the America’s Unit insignia and the French officer recognized the emblem of the coin. The American pilot was then released. The military coin has saved his life.

Challenge coins such as military coins can represent and identify you that you belong to a rank or a group. It is not only a mark of representation but can also be a symbol that you have done an excellent job. It is also given to people who are awarded for their outstanding service. Some organizations give the coins as a sign of respect and welcome to their honorary guests. For instance, United States presidents presented challenge coins to the diplomats who visited the country as special guests.

The coins have become a symbol of respect too. In honor of the soldiers who fell in the 2009 Ford Hood shooting, President BarackObama placed military coins in their memorials.

US Presidents who have Received Challenge Coins

Military CoinsThere are US Presidents who have received the challenge coins. President George Bush visited unexpectedly the soldiers in Ald-Asad Airborne in Anbar province, Iraq on September 3, 2007. The Marine Combat Patrol greatly appreciated his visit and gave him a challenge coin. President Bill Clinton also received several challenge coins. These challenge coins are displayed in the White House besides his portrait.

The Cost and Appearance of the Military Coins

The coins have many designs. This depends on how would you like it to be. It can be customized by the manufacturers. The sizes of a coin range from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter. The shape can also be customized into square or polygon shape.

The coins are also available in many finishes. You can choose from finishes such as gold, brass, and nickel, silver, bronze and copper. There are polished and antiqued variations too. It can also be hard or soft enamel. Another option is the printed inset with an epoxy coating.

The coins are not that costly. The coins that are manufactured using the zinc alloy castings are of low price rate. On the other hand, the coins that are manufactured using the die struck bronze are quite expensive. The coins of the coins may range from US $2.50 to US $12.75.

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