Other Ways to Use Lanyards Around the House

Lanyards are normally associated with the office or school. They come in all forms and sizes and can even be customized to include the company name and logo. Lanyards hold the IDs of employees or students that contain important information and access to the facilities that are off limits to outsiders. However, there are other places where you can use a lanyard. Your house is one of them.

Here are some ways to use a lanyard around the house :


To make a keychain out of a lanyard, request from the seller a lanyard with a shorter length, around 5 inches long. Personalize it by adding your name and number so that in case you lose it, the person who found it would know who to call. Use a key ring at the end of the lanyard and put in all your keys. You can also make the lanyard longer so you can wear them around your neck like an ID. That way, you do not fumble for your keys in your pocket or purse.

Compact Camera Holder

LanyardsWhen you are out on a vacation and want your hands to be free to hold other things, but you want to keep your camera within easy reach, a lanyard can do the job for you. Use a lanyard that has thicker size, try 1 inch or more, and a secure carabinger hook at the end to hold your camera. It will free your hands to do anything while keeping your camera close to you for a quick snap. Do not use a lanyard for heavier DSLR cameras. These cameras have specialized camera straps that are more appropriate for your DSLRs.

Cellphone Holder

This normally works for phones without casings. If you are one of those people who prefer to put their phones inside pouch-like containers instead of casings, lanyards can help you bring your phone with you without it bulking up your pockets. Hang it over your neck using a lanyard that has your personal detail so that it can be returned to you in case it gets lost. Match the color of the lanyard to the color of the phone pouch or use a contrasting color to make it more unique.

Hair Barrette and Clip Organizer

If you have a small room and have very little storage, a lanyard can help you keep your barrettes and clips organized. Hang it near your mirror or vanity so that it is clearly visible when you need a quick clip. Get it in cute colors like pink or yellow for your little kids. Cute designs and even cartoon characters can even be printed on the lanyard. Use it to hold hairpins. Bring the whole lanyard along when your child has an event that requires lots of hairpins. You can sling it around your neck as you arrange your child’s hair.

Display Children’s Art

Get colorful lanyards with a bulldog clip at the end and hang children’s art over a hook. This is an economical pay to display children’s art rather than buying expensive frames. Change the artwork weekly, even daily because it is so easy to use.

Door Sign

Another creative way to use lanyards is to make a door sign out of it. Use vertical or horizontal badge holders and slip in any message you want to write. Get creative and slip in “keep out” or “do not disturb signs” on your door. If vertical or horizontal badge holders are too small to write on, hang a lightweight white board at the end of the lanyard and write longer messages or drawings. You can also use the door sign as decoration in a dorm.

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